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"They would’ve gone bonkers for the scene that I had originally planned," Davis laughs. "You can print this. The idea was Stiles paralyzed on top of Derek, and Stiles says to Derek, ‘Wait a minute! I can still move my tongue.’ So the scene would have been Stiles pushing his tongue against Derek’s face, trying to get himself off using just his tongue."

Trying to get himself off of Derek, you guys. Simmer down. 

"Eventually, the tongue ends up in Derek’s ear, and Derek’s saying, ‘Stop. Just stop. Just stop,’" Davis tells us. "Dylan loved that idea when I pitched it to him."

Ultimately, the scene was cut for two reasons — one, there wasn’t enough time to fit it into the episode. And two, it wasn’t a good fit tonally. “I felt like it would be just a little too silly in the midst of this otherwise very traumatic, drama-heavy episode,” Davis says.